As we prepare for the exciting series premiere this October,
we will take a closer look at the world setting of The Asterisk War!



The school emblem is the symbol of wisdom, Minerva’s messenger.
Specializing in meteoric engineering, it is the only one of the six academies with a research department. Ranked No. 2 overall in the previous semester. Allekant boasts some of the best meteoric engineering technologies in the world, with its students benefiting in full from the fruit of its labors.
Because of this, the quality of the Allekant students’ Ogre Luxes far outstrip those of the other academies, even on average. The school is known to aggressively promote Ogre Luxe R&D, and it’s not uncommon for them to unveil previously unheard-of cutting-edge technologies during Festas. At the time of its founding, Allekant often found itself in the bottom tier, but recently it’s been clawing its way into the top tier.
The school follows a strict results-oriented policy; its students are broadly divided into two classes, the Research Class and the Practical Class, with the Practical Class featuring a system of special privileges for witches (Stregas) and magicians (Dantes.)
They are treated almost like guinea pigs, and there are very few Stregas and Dantes who matriculate at Allekant under normal circumstances.