As we prepare for the exciting series premiere this October,
we will take a closer look at the world setting of The Asterisk War!



The school emblem is the symbol of military rule, the "Twin Blades."
Overwhelmingly dominant in one-on-one battles, Le Wolfe is head and shoulders above the rest of the academies in terms of its victories in the Dragon King Festa (Lindwurm).
Le Wolfe offers education at the junior high, senior high, and university level; it was ranked No. 4 overall in the previous semester.
The school atmosphere is very belligerent. It is the only academy that encourages its students to be aggressive about dueling students from other schools. Perhaps due to this, whenever there's a fracas in town, Le Wolfe students are often involved.
Having virtually no school regulations, it is a hotbed of individualism, rife with mercenary students, and students who turn to criminal activities. It's also notable for its large contingent of ruthless students who'll do anything to win.
But on the other hand, they also have no notion of teamwork or collaboration, and so they’ve only won the Phoenix Festa twice and the Gryps Festa once.