As we prepare for the exciting series premiere this October,
we will take a closer look at the world setting of The Asterisk War!



The school emblem is the symbol of harmony, a ring of suns, or the "Ring of Light." Consistently one of the top-ranked schools since being founded, it also boasts the most overall victories among the six academies.
Ranked No. 1 overall in the previous semester. Especially dominant in the team-oriented Gryps Festa, Gallardworth’s students are trained with an emphasis on teamwork.
Rules and loyalty are viewed as absolutes, and the school atmosphere is stern. Duels are essentially forbidden (rankings are based on the results of regularly-scheduled simulated battles.) Due to this, Gallardsworth’s relationship with Le Wolfe is strained.
Also, at Gallardworth, the Top Twelve (Page One) students are known as Silver-winged Knights (Life Rhodes), and its members are called True Knights.