As we prepare for the exciting series premiere this October,
we will take a closer look at the world setting of The Asterisk War!


JIE LONG界龍第七学院

The school emblem is the emperor’s symbol, the leader of the Four Gods - the "Yellow Dragon." Of the six academies, it's the greatest in scale.
At Jie Long, there’s no real distinction between junior and senior school; it accepts students for enrollment regardless of age, so long as they have talent. Not particularly dominant in any of the Festas, it nevertheless turns in consistent performances at every Festa. It is the only academy that has never once dropped to the bottom of the rankings.
The school atmosphere is chaotic, with its mingled bureaucratic and laissez-faire policies. There is also an overall eastern style to the surroundings.
With its unique Mana-induction capability universalization technique called Star Senjutsu, Jie Long’s martial arts level is also higher than that of the other academies.